IDentity Suite
is a multi-purpose 
smart card platform

IDentity Suite is a multi-purpose smart card platform for a wide area of e-Services following the most relevant EU and worldwide standards. IDentity enables end-users to utilize cards compliant to Java Card and Global Platform specifications and above.

Use cases

Use IDentity Applet to manage different kind of electronic identity documents such as:
  • e-Passport
  • e-ID Card
  • e-Driving Lincense
  • e-Health Card
  • Residence Permit
If IDentity Applet is configured for qualified signature, it can be used for e-Administration, Banking signature cards.
  • Support of PINPAD readers and Secure Messaging
  • Various RSA and ECDSA algorithms with different key lengths, even on the same card
  • Additional PKI functions on the same card
  • Standard middleware is available
IDentity Applet can be used for various other cases, such as Company ID, PC logon, Secure e-mail, Loyalty cards, e-Purse.
  • Support of multiple applet instances for different usage
  • Contact and/or contactless interface
  • Loyalty and electronic purse functionality
  • Customizable licensing schemes