IDentity Suite
IDentity Suite is a multi-purpose smart card platform for a wide area of e-Services following the most relevant EU and worldwide standards. IDentity enables end-users to utilize cards compliant to Java Card and Global Platform specifications and above.
Card Personalization
Smart Personalization and Preparation System (SPPS) is an extensive solution, which covers the whole process of multi-application smart card issuance. SPPS can measurably increase efficiency, control and security while minimizing cost.
SmartSign Anywhere
– secure middleware - Smart Sign Anywhere connects smart cards in readers to applications via standardized or proprietary interfaces. It makes Public Key Infrastructure applications able to use cryptographic tokens regardless of the type of the token through standard APIs.

Company / ABOUT

Founded in 2002, ID&Trust is a developer of high security systems on chip solutions (SoC), having smart card and contactless identification applications: national IDs, e-passports, e-health cards, residence permits & e-driving licenses.
With a profound knowledge and expertise in cryptography, security, RFID and middleware solutions. The company’s products cover embedded software development with Common Criteria certifications in complex security environments.



ID&Trust has 12 years of experience in smart card consulting and software development. We can help you to maximize the return on your investment and enhance your overall business performance and competitiveness. We have the Know-How that makes it possible to find the right smart card solution for your business or organization.
ID&Trust has provided consulting in smart cards and PKI technologies for several years, and we worked together with numbers of international clients. We can help card manufacturers, card issuers and application providers to customize their smart card related systems the most secure and cost effective way at the same time.

We provide expertise in the following areas:
  • PKI solutions
  • ePayment
  • eTicketing
  • eID solutions (personalization, card profile specification, test specification)
  • Global Platform compliant solutions
  • NFC